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New Damien Rice

Waited years to say this…


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We’re back with our live shows coming thick and fast…

Here is the first to be hosted at Latest Music Bar in Brighton featuring Charlotte Carpenter on October 16th.

Tickets are available here

Session #24 Eva Stone

It was great to have Eva Stone ( evastonemusic ) come up to the loft during The Great Escape to perform this new song ‘Read You Wrong’. She had a poorly throat but you wouldn’t know that from this session or the performance she gave late that day at the festival. 

Go find her here

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Session #26 Annie Eve

We were delighted to welcome Annie Eve up to the loft during this years Great Escape Festival. We filmed this gorgeous track from her most recent release ‘Fearsome’ EP on Young & Lost Club. Download it here

We’re excited to announce with this session that we’ll be bringing Annie down to headline for us in Brighton on July 13th. Tickets and info can be found here

Find more via her website

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Session #23 Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

Here are Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, who filmed this session with us on Bridie’s birthday! It was a great day as we got to go along and see them live that evening on their tour. This song is the single they released from their new album ‘New Skin’ which you can find here
Find their live dates and info here

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Session #22 Stu Larsen

What a guy!

Stu Larsen popped up to our loft last week and performed this lovely new song for us which will feature on his forthcoming album. Do please share it if you enjoy it.

We wrote a review of the live show here:

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Stu Larsen - Live Review 21/3/14

Stu Larsen is one of those performer who doesn’t just get on stage, play you his songs and walk off again. Stu tells you stories of his travells, how or where he wrote his songs and gives you a real glimpse of himself.


One of the most chilled out gigs I’ve been to at The Hope, in Brighton. Stu opened his set with the lovely soft ‘Seaforth Mackenzie’ from his 2011 ‘Ryeford’ EP, followed by ‘Cocoon’. He then sang a song that he wrote (About Passenger ‘not’) whilst on his first tour with Passenger whilst Mike was at home sick and Stu continued on alone called ‘Ferry To Dublin’. Stu went on through his set, telling tales but a particular highlight was when he sang a song which I’d heard earlier in the day filming in our loft called ‘Thirteen Sad Farewells’. It’s a song which he wrote for a friend, but upon playing it to Passenger he had his mind changed to keep the song and the rest as they say is history…

Stu was a really lovely guy to chat to throughout the day and signed his set list for us to give away, so please share this, ‘like’ our facebook page and comment on the session which will soon follow to say whether you’d like it.


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Ella Eyre / Jake Isaac - Live Review 13/03/14

We had the honour of being invited along to Concorde 2 by the lovely man that is Jake Isaac last week and with Jake, knew exactly what we were in for.

Soulful, uplifting tunes that move from deep and thought-provoking to tunes that nobody can help but move to! Really lovely to see Ella Eyre’s support of the acts she’d chosen to take on the (looong, long-long) road with her on her social networks by asking fans to come along early to see them. I’m sure Jake benefited from this in terms of numbers and he sure knows how to handle himself with the crowd. Highlights of his set we’re his songs ‘Stronger’, a new song called ‘Hope’ and ‘Long Road’; a song which on the remaining dates of the tour he was joined on stage by Ella and her band to deliver an energetic, storming performance.


I purposefully didn’t listen to any Ella Eyre other than what I’d already heard. I’m so very glad I didn’t as it allowed me to approach the set without too much of a preconceived idea about what to expect. Ella and her band completely blew us away with some fantastic songs and a really lively performance.


Ella will be performing in Brighton again as support to Kelis at The Great Escape in May and I for one hope to catch her there…

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Session #21 Hattie Briggs

Completely wowed by this session with BBC Radio 2 young folk award nominee Hattie Briggs. A wonderful new song by a wonderful talent.
Her single ‘Pull Me Down’ is currently doing well in the singer/songwriter chart on iTunes and you can find it here
Find her website here

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Session #20 Danni Nicholls

It’s with pleasure that we present Danni Nicholls with the title track from her debut album ‘A Little Redemption’.
Find her at

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